First off, if you want to see the video of our trip, please check out our son's page on the Youtube on right or by clicking here.

Easter 2021... the world was still under the dark clouds of the coronavirus. The good news is that the vaccine had become available, and everyone 12 and over were eligible for vaccination. So, with the majority of us vaccinated and Cabo's infection rate being somewhat fine (it would not be a few months later), we made our trek to Hacienda Encantada in Cabo. By this time we had visited the Cabo area a few times in a row, but we found this trip to be easiest for the family due to the relatively quick flight. 

Hacienda Encantada has a traditional Mexican vibe. While the resort is older and needs some updating (we had a few issues, like the AC leaking, a toilet ring needing resealing,  the mattresses needing replacement), the resort was very willing to rectify the situation. We had a 2 bedroom suite and a 1 bedroom suite for our 8 day stay.

The pools and restaurants were very nice. We enjoyed our time there, and it's interesting how we still think about that resort very fondly.
Cabo Spring 2021
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The beaches here are rocky and it's not a place where you can swim or make sand castles. Yet, the waves were so fun to watch, especially as they crashed against the rocks! we also saw lots of crabs and fish when they were trapped in pools of water during low tide.
View from the lighthouse.
Our son reliving his days in Cabo at home: